Physicians Rely On Pharmacy Compounding Solutions

Pharmacy Compounding Solutions has long been a trusted partner of physicians by providing compounded medications and services for practitioners as well as patients.  Our pharmacists offer comprehensive consulting services and work closely you and your patient to explore various treatment options.  When customized medications are needed, our compounding professionals can formulate suitable medications in unique dosage forms to meet your specific prescription.

Physicians rely on us to tailor medications for their patients.  Our compounding allows for the continuation of medications when unavailable due to the shortage, cost, strength, dosage forms, or allergy.  Our team of expert pharmacists is able to custom compound medications into various dosage forms such as creams, ointments, suspensions, capsules, tablets, sprays, troches, and suppositories, fitting the prescription to your patient’s unique needs.

Consulting closely with you and your patients, our compounding pharmacists can explore various treatment options that provide the best patient outcome.

Benefits for Your Patients and Practice

We have built successful relationships with many physicians by providing comprehensive compounding services for practitioners and patients. We are relied on to produce high quality and custom compounded medications.

Our compounding expertise can help your practice in many ways.

  • Our Pharmacists are available to help you develop unique dosage forms for patients
  • You can increase your patient treatment options with customized compounded medications
  • Specialized compounded medications can improve patient compliance and well-being
  • You can explore alternative methods for treating patients with compounded medications
  • You may prescribe individual treatments specific to each patient’s unique needs

Not only do we deliver quality compounded products, we provide unparalleled support to both you and your patients.

We believe that a team approach between physician, pharmacist, and patient, provides the best patient outcome.  We welcome any questions relating to pharmacy compounding.  Our experienced pharmacists are here to help you save time and money by using our professional resources.

Why Choose Pharmacy Compounding Solutions

Pharmacy Compounding Solutions is one of the most experienced and comprehensive compounding pharmacies in Western Washington.  We have made it our mission to lessen the burden of concern when you write a compounded prescription.  We have processes in place to make ordering of compounded medications easier.  Our pharmacists can assist you correct product selection, formulations, innovative compounds, dosage forms, and comprehensive consultations.  We take care of all the little issues so you can take care of your practice.

Physicians rely on us because:

  • We are a full-service compounding pharmacy locally owned
  • We are regularly inspected and certified to meet local, state, and national regulatory approvals
  • We adhere to the highest quality standard to ensure the integrity of all of our medications
  • Our facility is state-of-the-art with modern equipment and technology
  • Our pharmacists are highly-trained, friendly, and available to work closely with you
  • We offer quality products at affordable pricing
  • We are able to research and develop innovative medications based on your patient’s needs

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Our goal is to help you improve your patient outcomes.  Contact us.  We are here to assist you.