Pharmacy Compounding Solutions is your complete source for compounded medications and services for practitioners and patients. We combine high-quality clinical care with the support, compassion and counseling needed to treat chronic, complex medical conditions. Our mission is to improve your quality of health.


Offering Compassion with Unique Medications 24/7

Our caring team of experts is ready to help you find quality, cost-effective solutions to your health and wellness needs.  We care deeply about your well-being and offer a 24/7 on-call pharmacist for your all your concerns.


Building Successful Partnerships

At Pharmacy Compounding Solutions, we realize the importance of collaboration between physician, pharmacist, and patient.  Working together provides the best patient outcome.  Discover how our professional resources can help your practice and your patients.

Health With Hugs

You need more than science in your medical treatment.  You need a caregiver who is totally involved in every aspect of your health and shows genuine concern for your well-being.  Pharmacy Compounding Solutions combines the best of both with unparalleled compassion.

We understand how difficult the healing process can sometimes be.  When you are feeling your worst, you need someone to be there for you.  Now you have someone to talk to.

A Pharmacy Compounding Solutions pharmacist cares deeply enough to give you their personal phone number, that you may call 24/7.  You have access to a pharmacist who will be there for all of your care, concerns, and emergencies.  It’s no wonder that our clients walk in as patients and leave as friends.

What is Custom Compounding?

Compounding prescriptions are customized medications prepared by a trained staff of pharmacists according to a doctor’s specifications to meet an individual patient’s need.  Pharmacists formulate unique medications from scratch using raw materials, powders, and devices.  The demand for professional compounding has increased as physicians and patients realize that the limited number of strengths and dosage forms that are commercially available do not meet the specific needs of many patients.

What are the Benefits of Custom Compounding?

There are many advantages to using a compounding pharmacy to fill your prescription needs.  Our compounding professionals can prepare unique dosage forms for each individual including gels, chewable, and lollipops in a variety of flavors.  They can also provide various compatible medications into a single dosage for easier administration.  Our pharmacists also will make medications that are free of problem-causing excipients, and prepare medications that are not commercially available

Pharmacy Compounding Solutions is a PCCA Member

As the compounding profession has continued to flourish and advance, the pharmacy profession saw a need to strengthen the role, position, and skills of member compounding pharmacists.  PCCA sets the standard for high-quality chemicals, equipment, accredited training, and education.