Veterinary Support

We all want the best for our Furry Babes,  and veterinary compounding at Pharmacy Compounding Solutions can provide “just what the Doctor ordered” when you’re pet is in need of a prescription.

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medication for a specific patient. Animals oftentimes have the same or similar medical conditions as people such as allergies, skin problems,  heart disease, kidney disease, thyroid problems, and joint or back problems. Solving these issues with the unique needs of a pet is often why owners and veterinarians seek pharmacy compounding.

More often than not, it is very difficult to give oral medications to our pets. Pharmacy Compounding Solutions provides more than 30 flavors to make the task easier. If you’re uncertain which flavor your pet might prefer, they will happily provide a taste test. The staff works with owners, pets, and veterinarians to determine the best course of action to follow.

Sometimes the best option for our picky ‘children’ is a different dosage form. Pharmacy Compounding Solutions can easily alter strengths of medications if a lower or a higher strength is needed. Compounding works well for animals with sensitivities, since the medication can be reformulated to eliminate the problem ingredient, and medication in liquid form can often be easier to administer than capsules or tablets.

A growing problem in the United States is that of medications either no longer being made, or simply unavailable for a wide variety of reasons. Pharmacy Compounding Solutions can make medications that are unavailable or discontinued by manufacturers.


Lynn Irwin-Sallander is an animal lover, and a generous, caring and compassionate pharmacist with more than 37 years of experience and education in the field of veterinary medicine. She was the owner of a veterinary hospital for over 15 years, and all other staff members at Pharmacy Compounding Solutions share her commitment, dedication and passion for the well-being of pets and their owners.


The staff at Pharmacy Compounding Solutions believes in affordable veterinary compounding while providing the highest quality standards possible.

All new patients receive 10% off the first Rx fill if you provide a photo of your precious pet to display in our lobby. Additionally, Lynn is very graciously offering a lifetime cost + 10% discount on medications for all pets in currently approved Rescue Foundations. To be an approved Rescue Foundation, please contact us.


Take some of the stress out of having to give medication to your pet by letting Lynn and her staff provide the exceptional quality and caring you expect and deserve from a veterinary pharmacy.